Turbo Hz

Programmer and full-stack web developer

First post

It’s been a while since I practiced blogging. It was during another era of the internet. The blogging phenomenon was in its infancy. So was social media. I blogged for about a year, with no clear theme.

So much has happened since then: Internet has evolved at a fantastic pace, powered by new technologies, new enterprises, new devices and new users.

Being a netcitizen at heart, I evolved with internet: from mostly a Flash developer, to building commercial micro sites to full-stack developer, to CTO at a growing saas startup.

As a new chapter in my live is about to unravel, I’ll have time to reflect on the past, and feel the need to share the motherload of ideas that keep my awake at night. This time, though, the theme is clear: follow me in my coding adventure.

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